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Fly2india4health guiding and assisting abroad patients for knee replacement surgery in India.

Nowadays in India most of the people develop knee Osteoarthritis. The worldwide census says about 73% of middle-aged people affected from Osteoarthritis of knee. Knee replacement surgery in India has become a common orthopedic surgical procedure to reduce the pain and inflammation in knee joint. Once at the age of 40+ the calcium resorption in the bone reduces and highly seen in the blood so the bone become weak because of reduced calcium, especially the parts of bone in the weight bearing surfaces becomes osteoporosis. Knee joint is a major weight bearing joint in our body. Due to the changing life style and the job nature the stressful weight transfer to the knee joint. The capsule in the knee joint erodes, the ligament looses its laxity and the muscles around the knee joint become weak. In chronic cases the bone become splendor and deformity can occur e.g., genu varus. Arthritic knee Pain affects the everyday activities particularly during walking. Knee replacement surgery is scientifically called knee Arthroplasty, consists of replacing the diseased and painful joint surfaces with metal and plastic components to allow pain free motion of the knee. The patient must be aware of the risks of knee replacement surgery in India that may be explained by the orthopedic surgeon in India performing the surgery.

Knee joint is replaced with metal and plastic components shaped to allow continued motion of the knee. The distal end of the femur and the proximal end of the tibia are cut to shape. Metal components are impacted fixed to the bone by using polymethylmethacrylate cement. A round shaped implant is used for the femur and a flat on the tibia slightly dished with polythene, so that the weight is transferred properly. During the operation the deformity is also corrected that the knee has a good range of movement and stable.The partial knee replacement surgery consissts of correction to femur and tibia, in total replacement surgery even the patelle has been removed and replaced with the polythene button appplication.

A Fly2india4health consultant in India is one of the co consultants of forerunners healthcare consultants in India provided successful outcome of knee replacement surgery for more than 200 international patients within a year. Mumbai is the health capital of India with many reputed orthopedic surgeons. Many reputed orthopedic surgery hospitals are available in Mumbai. India has vast pool of highly qualified experienced orthopedic surgeons who are patient centric committed to the safety and security of the patient from abroad and provide guidance according to the patient convenience. All the procedure of treatment along with the stay in the hospital for knee replacement surgery, diagnostic tests procedures are done under same roof so that patient should not face any kind of inconvenience, along with that surgery and surgeon fee includes in a single health package for knee replacement surgery in India. They also tied up with the world-class orthopedic surgery hospital in India, provides the qualitative treatment, compassionate care and excellent medical services. The orthopedic surgery hospitals in India are renowned with highly qualified orthopedic surgeons, motivated nurses, and excellent professional management. To know the appropriate cost of your knee replacement surgery in India fill the enquiry form.
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